Our programs connect people with canines (and some other animals, too!) for life-saving and life-changing results.

Youth-Canine Programs

Our Youth-Canine Programs engage students who may not learn best by traditional teaching methods or who may not have experienced an unconditional, loving relationship in their lives.

Through hands-on dog training, the youths form a connection with the dogs they are training. Youths start showing up to school (“I never looked forward to Mondays before!”) and their grades improve.

These positive training methods help students gain confidence and learn life skills, including anger management, job readiness, positive parenting, and leadership skills.

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Pet Therapy

(Also referred to as Animal Assisted Activity/Therapy Programs)

Through our Pet Therapy Programs, we provide valuable pet-focused therapy.

We evaluate people and their pets for visitation in schools, senior communities, and hospitals and for therapeutic work with children to improve literacy, cope with loss, and reach physical and speech rehabilitation goals.

We also arrange classes and schedule visits regarding how animals help people, responsible pet ownership and bite prevention.

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